Web Marketing

The management of a successful website is a tricky task.
Sinte provides some key services for companies that consider their website an important tool for their business:

Preliminary Web Surfing: before designing a website Sinte' staff analyse Internet landscape studying and finding for his customers their competitors, companies and complementary areas similar to its activities. This preliminary analysis will design a work without having to reinvent what has already been conceived and improve what already exists with new ideas and solutions.

Preliminary Briefing: the best projects born from the union between Sinte websites knowledges and the experience of customer's business area. Sinte always encourages the involvement of who owns the website because in this way can born interesting and innovative ideas.

Search engine rankings: Sinte dedicated a division to Web Marketing because the first way to increase your website is visibility is being well positioned in search engines. Appearing after hundreds pages is like not being there. Appearing instead in the first pages gives your website access to a significant increase because many users start from engines when looking for what they need.

Advanced Web Marketing: for companies that want to present itself aggressively on the Internet market, Sinte Web Marketing offers advanced solutions that can changing according to many parameters (sector, type of site you want to advertise, company image etc.).

Constant Web Surfing: to keep an update and innovative website you need to control the Web Market development. Sinte offers constantly navigation on the customers area websites and provides a periodic report with the news and the possible changes for their websites emerged from the comparison with competitors.