Sinte has whole racks in the webfarm where its servers are and provides companies who prefer to own a server, a space in the same safe environment (save from theft, fire, from temperature changes or moisture problems from the mains, etc.) connected with   (both national and international) in which Sinte chose to place its servers after a long and serious analysis.

The current Web Farm was in fact selected for the high quality guarantees she offered:

The sprinkler system is adequate to the latest and strictest standards.
A powerful UPS with generator guarantees the functioning of all the servers for 4 days without staff operation.
An advanced stabilizer provides protection from electric shock.
Humidity and temperature are constantly monitored and maintained at optimum levels.
The access to the room is regulated by strict safety standards and controlled by electronic locks.
The territorial position is strategic and reached by all major backbones. In this way, risks of leaks and accidental interruption of service are removed (for the severing of cables or other) and the speed of all the sites hosted by Sinte is maximized.
Reliability and staff competence supports the technical assistance during the routine maintenance in addition to the modern tools available during these operations.
Protection from hacker attacks is ensured by a sophisticated firewall hardware which adds to the protection systems of internal server.
Monitoring guaranteed 24 hours at 24 every day of the year.

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