Sinte use for e-learning the latest Web technologies to achieve true interactive multimedia lessons. Using this technology, companies that move a lot with their teachers and want to expand the catchment area of their courses, can reach students without expensive travel costs saving money. Meanwhile provide lessons on demand and on the trainee PC offers a remarkable service to users making the course more easily.
The added values of the solution Sinte, which in considered as one of the most interesting on the webmarket, are:
- possibility to choose to download lessons before displaying or follow them in real-time streaming, both live and on demand. You can also implement all the solutions at the same time
- selectable video quality depending on your speed connection (up to the audio only in case of slow connections)
- possibility to view in the same browser window video and audio of the speaker and the sequence of slides or any other object (text, other sites, images, etc..) which are changed in sync with the spoken
- website interaction (eg links to further information or produced for sale on the topic covered during the lesson);
- online users interaction (chat, forum, email)
- toll-free numbers for users to access directly to the server via telephone. This allow to avoid the risks of slow connections for users, especially in case of direct
- bandwidth availability according to all requirements
- implementation of modern technologies in terms of streaming and compression of the flow data to optimize all resources
- no need of technical knowledges from courses developers, Sinte's staff can worry about everything: lessons and slide assembly, broadcast of them and server support
- access to the lessons can be bound by a password to restrict access to authorized users