free softwares

Compressed files
To view the compressed files in all formats to download 7-zip - click here

Read PDF
To read Adobe Acrobat (pdf) require Acrobat Reader - click here

Create PDF Files
To create PDF files from any program on your computer with PDFCreator - click here

OCR - Character Recognition
To convert text to scan a document you must use an OCR program like Free OCRclick here

To update your website you need an FTP client  - click here

Reading mail
To read the mail you need a client like Thunderbird  - click here

Surfing the Internet
To navigate you need a browser like Firefox  - click here

To protect your PC, you need an antivirus as a Clam - click here

To monitor your PC against Spyware and Trojans can be used Microsoft Security Essentials - click here

To manage documents, presentations, spreadsheets and databases is needed as an office suite OpenOffice - click here

To dictate to your PC, you can use CMU Sphinx - click here

Show media files
A good media player that can display files in many formats  is VLC - click here

To burn CDs, you can use BwgBurn - click here or InfraRecorder - click here

Instant Messaging
The most popular instant messaging programs are:
- Yahoo Messenger click here
- Skype click here
- To use one open source program you can use Pidgin - click here

Bitmap graphics
To edit images with Gimp - click here

Vector Graphics
In order to develop projects and logos into vector graphics with Inkscape - click here

A good program for typesetting (DTP) is Scribus - click here

Animation drawing
If you want to try in the creation of animated drawings by hand, use Pencil 2D - click here

If you want to create easy graphic projects use Evolus Pencil - click here

3D Graphics
To create beautiful three-dimensional graphics you can use Blender - click here

To generate diagrams you can use Dia - click here

Extracting MP3 from a music CD
To extract and convert the music tracks on your CDs into MP3 files to be included in your portable player, you can use CDex - click here

Audio Editing
To edit, revise and edit your audio files with Audacity - click here

Music Editing
To edit musical scores can be used canorus - click here

Video Editing
To process your movies with Fixounet - click here

If you want to install a program to see the stars in your PC and travel through the universe - click here