Head office

To satisfy customers in less time and with high-level results, Sinte has an head office dedicated exclusively to web projects development. A large open space creates a highly creative environment that fosters growth and comparison of all those who contribute to a growing appreciation of the high-quality services of Sinte.
Developers tools are the best that technology offers today. Latest generation developing stations, sophisticated audio and video digitizing and professional software are the means to produce the final result. The simulated operation of websites are conducted on special secondary servers installed in the head office and only after verifying their perfect functionality you transfer them on the final server located in the web farm near the national Mix in Milan.
Our headquarter is permanently connected to the Internet via a dedicated high-speed dual-line.
The staff, selected with strict criteria of quality and always coming from important experiences in different fields of communication and technology, know the best use of hardware and software available and is able to integrate them with creativity, aesthetics and communication effectiveness. The group shows its attitude daily and any new project enriches the experience of all.