Too often we have seen poorly designed and also dramatic situations that led to data loss.

Your LAN (Local Area Network) is protected from outside intrusions?

Your LAN (Local Area Network) has a correct policy to prevent improper access to data from inside?

Do you have a constant backup system that stocks data in different locations to avoid problems in case of theft or fire?

Do you have a redundancy system service that allows you to continue working even if one of the main engine has an operational fault?

Yes must always be the answer to the to these and other questions that our technicians will make you.

Rely on us your productivity will always be safeguarded.

If you think that having this type of guarantee is very expensive you probably have contacted the wrong people. Using open-source applications you get all these results without having to pay taxes and licenses and in a very solid and safe way.

Call us for an inspection and a free evaluation of needful measures.